Who We Are

Frontdoor is building a tech-enabled and people-driven platform for home services. We are obsessed with taking the hassle out of your home.

Frontdoor, Inc. is the largest provider of home service plans in the United States, with a nationwide network of more than 15,000 pre-qualified professional contractor firms.

We respond to more than four million service requests annually (or one every eight seconds) from homeowners who require assistance with technical home repair issues utilizing our nationwide network of over 15,000 pre-qualified professional contractor firms that employ more than 45,000 technicians.

Our customizable home service plans help customers protect and maintain their homes, typically their most valuable asset, from costly and unplanned breakdowns of essential home systems and appliances.

Our Purpose

The front door is where we open ourselves up to the world every day. It’s the place we welcome friends and family, and greet new people. It’s also where our company meets homeowners face to face to help them deal with the hassles of owning a home.

We’re a difference-maker for homeowners, delivering solutions powered by people and enabled by technology. We listen to them, share our expertise, anticipate their needs and fix their problems. Simply, we make homeownership simple.

That’s the opportunity that knocks for us every day.