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Employee Compensation and Benefits


The best way to compete for talent is to care for talent. 

At Frontdoor, we recognize that our employees aren’t just employees, they are parents, spouses, children, siblings, neighbors and friends. Because we want them to be as successful in those roles as they are at their jobs, we offer compensation and benefits packages that are comprehensive, competitive and focused on mental, physical and financial well-being.

Creating a vibrant, productive workforce begins with a rewarding pay program. We offer competitive compensation, which is informed by benchmarking analysis and reviewed for equity.

We believe that access to affordable health care is essential for our employees and that no one size fits all. We offer a variety of coverage options and update offerings annually to meet the evolving needs of our employees and their families. We are proud to offer benefits that advance our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition, we want our employees to be as financially secure tomorrow as they are today. To support our employees as they transition out of employment, we offer several financial planning benefits.

Download the latest Sustainability Report to learn more about employee compensation and benefits at Frontdoor.