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Political Activities


We stand for consumers and contractors.

At Frontdoor, we strive to make homeowners' lives better. To make a positive impact on our customers, our employees and our communities, we are deliberate about the values we embrace and intentional about the ways in which we manifest them. 

If it's warranted, we may participate in the political process in well-considered and constructive ways in order to demonstrate our strong commitment to reasonable regulations, consumer well-being and customer satisfaction.

For that reason, we adopted a Political Activity Policy to guide our decisions about whether and when to participate in the political process, and how. This helps ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and appropriate oversight by our board of directors. Specifically, our board's nominating and corporate governance committee acts as our political gatekeeper, along with our general counsel, and both must approval all direct or indirect political contributions that we make. 

Learn more about political activities in our latest Sustainability Report.