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Local impact fosters global success.

At Frontdoor, our House Rules challenge us to “do great things every day.” And yet, we don’t define greatness by our actions alone. Instead, we measure it by the impact we have. Like throwing stones into a lake, we want our actions to ripple through the communities where our employees, customers and contractors live and work, leaving a wake of positivity behind them.

Building a tech-forward skilled trades pipeline.

Skilled workers play an essential role in our communities, but across the country, the demand for skilled work is far outpacing the number of individuals qualified to fill those roles. There’s a wealth of opportunity to enter or re-enter the workforce with critical skills that keep our homes and the economy running.

We’re committed to helping our industry close the labor gap by attracting new talent — including women and minorities — to the skilled trades. To do so, we’re focused on helping the public see skilled trades like appliance, plumbing, electrical, spa/pool and HVAC repair for what they really are: compelling, tech-forward careers that offer good pay, job security and the opportunity to make a real impact on families and economies.

We are driving attention to rewarding career opportunities in the skilled trades and growing the pipeline of talent by building partnerships with organizations aligned with our goals and leading the integration of technology in the industry.

We believe in dignity and freedom for all people.

Because Frontdoor is a people-powered company, respect for human rights is a core value to which we are deeply devoted. Without it, the House Rules that we set for our employees and other stakeholders would ring hollow. In early 2021, we therefore adopted a Human Rights Policy to express our support of human rights, and to formalize our commitment to protecting and advancing them in the communities that we serve.

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